Policies & Procedures

Colston Lawn Tennis Club is currently looking to achieve official Tennis Clubmark accreditation. This national award recognizes best practice policies in running our club and this page outlines our current Policies & Procedures.

Tennis Clubmark recognises excellent standards and achieving Tennis Clubmark means the LTA endorses and supports our tennis programme delivered on court and the policies and procedures we have in place off court. Tennis Clubmark provides the framework and policies to ensure that the Club is managed effectively and provides a safe environment for junior members to enjoy and play tennis.

We look forward to announcing our success in gaining Club mark accreditation in due course

CLTC First Aid information 02-05-13
CLTC Code of Conduct for People Working with Young Children 02-05-13
CLTC Parent-Guardian Feedback Form 02-05-13
CLTC Policy on Uses of Images of Children 02-05-13
CLTC Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Policy 02-05-13
CLTC Code of Practice for Members – Users 02-05-13
CLTC Code of Practice for Young People 02-05-13
CLTC Complaints Procedure 02-05-13
CLTC Equality Policy 02-05-13
CLTC Incident Report Form 02-05-13
CLTC Child Protection Policy 02-05-13
CLTC Member Feedback Forms 02-05-13
CLTC Accident Report Form 02-05-13
CLTC Anti Bullying Policy 02-05-13

The full Colston LTC Constitution as adopted on June 18th 2013 can be found here