Colston Ladies A v Blewbury C, October 5th

We were bright and hopeful as the afternoon started about our first winter league match against Blewbury C team.
As we knocked up it was obvious they had an experienced team out with 3 of their players of a more mature age and very comfortable with their game and selection of shots. Their fourth player, a left handed youngster straight out of university, had beautiful modern tennis strokes and energy to scramble around the court!
Sarah P and I played their 2nd pair (who were better than their first!) and made them work hard. Although our new partnership settled in well their game hadn’t any obvious weaknesses we could target and we lost 3:6, 3:6.

Heidili and Karen played well against their 2nd pair and used Karens volleying and Heidili’s strong ground strokes to make the opposition run around. Good to watch but after a close game and an even closer tie break in the second set Blewbury won 6:1, 7:6

A brief break to maximise the light and we were back on to play the opposite numbers. Heidili and Karen faced the experienced pair (one lady had played for the team for 40yrs!) and combatted the lobs into the sun valiantly but were beaten 2:6, 2:6.
Sarah and I were playing well and had discovered communication and working out our opponents. We narrowly lost the first set 6:7 on a tiebreak but worked as a team and managed to win the last set 6:2!
We then retired to the club house for an outstanding tea of beautiful sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls and moist decadent apple cake. Mmm! Well deserved.
Overall we lost 1:7 but a fun afternoon and some great tennis. Well done all.


Colston LTC Tournament Results, Sunday 22nd September

The Club Tournament was held yesterday (Sunday 22nd September), the weather was glorious and the tennis was even better! Some great matches were played in all competitions, and the results were:

Men’s Singles:
Winner – Miles Gibson
Runner up – Ollie Morris-Adams

Men’s Doubles:
Winners – Chris Foreshew & Miles Gibson
Runners up – Chris Hand & Hamish Coull

Ladies’ Doubles:
Winners – Emma Horner & Helen Daft
Runners up – Phyl Thorpe & Tessa Milne-Day

Mixed Doubles:
Winners – Chris Foreshew & Anna Coull
Runners up – Gareth Tridgell & Helen Daft

Thank you to all those who took part, to Alan Heath for the match logistics, to Helen & Emma for the delicious cakes and to Chris H for cooking the bangers.

PS Hamish’s baskets are still looking fabulous!

Ann Cadogan

Junior Event - Saturday 14th September.

Colston Junior Tournament enjoyed by all, Saturday 14th September

The junior competition and tournaments went really well on Saturday 14th September with 20 children taking part.

Thanks to the parents who helped and supported and to those who brought cakes and biscuits.
The little ones who were newer to tennis took part in 7 different events and gained scores to contribute to their overall total. This came down to the wire and the last event of rallying with the coach proved the decider when Ned Morley pipped Archie Robertson by one point to claim first prize.
Well done Ned and to all those who took part.
The Red Ball tournament involved 7 players who all had some experience of match play from lessons. Run on a round robin format, everyone played everyone with the winner being the first to 12 points.
Some terrific matches took place under the careful eye of the two umpires, Gav Baldry and Ian Cutmore (thankyou !)
In the end, the tournament experience of young Oliver Baldry shone through as he overcame Oliver Morley in the final to win his first Colston Trophy. Well done both Olivers and well done to the others, all of whom won at least one match.
The Green Ball tournament was hotly contested between are 5 regular players of Rosie, William, Edward, Charlie and Ben.
With their experience and renown good sportsmanship, they were left to umpire their own matches in a round robin format of first to 5 games. Some ‘epic’ matches ensued, one not helped by yours truly who forgot to tell the players to play sudden death deuces and resulted in double figures in one case !
The final was contested between William and Charlie who both slugged it out in baseline to baseline rallies. William just managing to claim the title in an exciting 3-2 final game. Well done boys and well done to the other 3 who all played very well.
All in all I think a very successful event. The children seem to enjoy it and showing their parents how they have improved and how capable they are of playing in a competitive format (something I know parents don’t necessarily always see if they play with them themselves)

Thanks for your support

Chris Hand

Colston Mens Teams complete frustrating season

As the season draws to a close both the Colston Mens A and B teams have finished in a frustrating 3rd place in their respective leagues meaning that there is to be no promotions this year

In the words of the captains………

Mens A:

Charlbury only managed a draw with Benson- unbelievable- But they did something similar last year to give us the title as well as promotion. They have one match remaining but are 4 points behind us so we will finish 3rd in the summer as well as the winter.

Oxford Sports, as predicted, beat Virgin on their proper, outside courts. Hence they are both promoted and Oxford just need to win their final game next week (at home to Benson- so should be a formality) to take the title.



Mens B:

The B team had a handsome victory yesterday BUT Woodstock managed to beat Banbury West End (previously 100% record) 4-0 at BWE. Unbelievable result- Perhaps didn’t bother as they had already won the division, or perhaps struck down by strange disease who knows!

Colston Mens A v Benson B, August 3rd

In all my time as Captain of Colston A we have never had such a result. Neither Colston pair made a single mistake- not one unforced error in the whole afternoon. Not only did we not drop a single game in our demolition of Benson B- we didn’t drop a single point!

Alas we didn’t hit a single winning shot either as the match did not take place- Benson conceded the match on Thursday as they were unable to field a team due to holidays. This will leave them almost certainly relegated and bolsters our rubbers won to rubbers lost ratio as well as giving us the 3 points for the victory.

Obviously would have been more fun to play a match!


We did it! Colston Ladies Gain Promotion

Well done ladies we managed to stay top of the table and have won division 10 with 2 points clear. Moving up to Division 9 next summer.
Not bad for our first time in league tennis…..
I couldn’t have predicted such a fantastic result with no overall losses all summer. I know this is only the start of some very succesful ladies tennis over the next few years, we will all improve with more experience and will go into the next set of matches with much more confidence.
Keep practising as we are entered in the winter league and will probably play some of the same teams so their is no reason  not to repeat the good results in the winter. There should be more matches over the winter aswell.
Many Thanks to Chris for kick starting the ladies team into action and for his support with coaching sessions and advice on pairings over the summer.
Hope to catch up with you all on the tennis court again soon.
Your very happy captain,
ps having sampled a few away team teas over the summer , we definately do the best and to a very high standard, so thank you ladies for providing such fantastic teas over the summer !
pps Don’t forget to enter our ladies charity tournament at the club on September 6th. Contact Ann for details.

Colston Mens A v Charlbury A July 13th 2013

The sun shone, and for the first half of the match so did we.

Olly withdrew on Saturday morning with a back problem and super sub Foreshew- ever reliable- came off the bench.

He and Miles, whilst not on top form judging from the latter’s cries of anguish, still dispatched the 2nd pair in  regulation 2 and 3. They were a tricky pair, putting no pace on the ball, chipping and charging and volleying well.

The first pair, consisting of the Czech coach and a young Kenyan, were the strongest we have faced this season and Gavin and I lost the first set 6-2 trying to find some weaknesses. We started the second set attacking more, looking to come to the net and focussing that attack on the less experienced player. It paid off as we took the set narrowly.

So at the half way point we were 1.5 to 0.5 rubbers and the match looked secure- even though Miles and Chris were by no means certain to win, Gavin and I could bring home the victory by defeating an inferior second pair.

Alas- the story of our winter re-emerged. Miles and Chris fought hard but narrowly lost, but the tragedy was on the other court. Had Gavin and I played 50% as well as we had to take the 2nd set from the 1st pair all would have been well but we sank to their level and started playing “granddad” tennis. All credit to them who played to their strengths and got us playing their game. We were 5 all in the first set when Gavin lost his serve but we broke straight back making a mockery of why we hadn’t done so before. Hence the tie break and considering we had held most of our serves easily and they had struggled we should have been favourites- but alas not.

We started the second set attacking and playing proper tennis (Stung by the shame of losing the first set) and stormed to a 3-0 lead barely losing a point- Back in the grove and looking for 6-0, 6-0 and victory. But we sat back and played their game again and lost 6 of the next 7 games for a miserable defeat.


Colston Ladies A v Bicester C, June 23rd

Just a quick match report from today, as ever the weather was challenging with strong winds, rain and eventually some sun….
Although going with high hopes that as the team were bottom of our division and they would  be easy to dispatch, they put out a strong team with experienced players, ( Although some had interesting tactics at times, developed from many years on a tennis court I’m sure!)
Helen & I beat their 2nd pair 6-1, 6-0 aided I think by their dislike of the rain. Ann & Carol had a closely fought match against the 1st pair to narrowly lose 6-4. 6-3.
Fortunately for Helen & I, I think the long rallies against Ann & Carol had well and truly tired out the 1st pair and we were able to beat them 6 -2, 6-1.  (Thanks ladies !) Unfortunately we hadn’t done the same for them and with the rain stopped Ann & Carol were dealing with an increasing confident pair, Ann & Carol took the 1st set 6-4 and the other team got into their stride and unfortunately took the next 2 sets 6-1, 6-2. This left us with a draw overall, but still unbeaten…..
Helen, gets the prize for best point of the match after tripping over her own feet ( !! ) and grazing her knee mid rally, gave a shout of carry on and leapt up to make the winning volley!! Not quite a Becker dive, but committed to winning the point! (Helen –  Hope you have had a hot bath and all the aches are easing.)
Well played as ever and although the tea was quite good today, I am not sure it really rivalled one of ours !!!
Last match on July 13th.

Colston Mens A v Wantage C, June 22nd

The rain held off despite predictions to the contrary to allow us to get back on track for the season. Although at one point it looked like Dick could have cost us the match- and he wasn’t even in the team!


Our normal warm up was prevented by Mr Gibson’s tardiness (overexcitement at the Lions win!), and the threat of approaching rain causing us to jump in with only 5mins instead of the normal 30mins


This mattered not to Gibson and Foreshew since the Wantage 2nd pair were not that strong and they were duly dispatched 6-1, 6-1. The lack of a proper warm accounting for the dropped games- Shock horror Gibson lost his serve!!


But their 1st pair were showing their experience with good volleying from one person in particular and some clever angles. (Almost foreshewesque)


I  joked below that I was there to be “Gavin’s butler” but even by his own standards he was particularly slothful and left me playing chief cook and bottle washer also! When asked if there was any danger of him getting his finger out the truth emerged- It was all Dick’s fault.  The sad truth appears to be that Gavin cannot play a competitive singles match on Friday evening and then an A team match the following afternoon! So Dick in the future, for the good of the club, please take pity on his Lordship- he’s 54 now and his back and legs can’t take it.


Miles and Chris had their feet up as Gavin and I started the tiebreak in the first set- Summoning up some energy we quickly went to 4-1 then 6-2 before dropping a couple of points to 6-4- No panic and we ran out 7-4 winners. I hoped Gavin had now woken up the arthritic joints but alas no and the second set slipped away 6-2. More worryingly this form continued against the 2nd pair and we found ourselves 3-0 down against vastly inferior opposition. More stern words from the captain (at one point the oppositions asked if we were a married couple such was the nature of the conversation) and we took the next 4 games with relative ease  before it all went wrong again and we lost the set 4-6!!  Chris and Miles had taken their first set 6-2 so looked like bringing home the victory, but to lose to the second pair would be embarassing.


Stung by the thought of such humiliation Gavin started to serve well and to kill his volleys like the excellent player that he is- The years seemed to roll back and at one point he almost broke into a run. Thankfully the summer rules make these second rubbers three setters so we could take the next two and remove the shame. Second set: 6-0 and the opposition were broken- just as well as on the other court the Wantage 1st pair were fighting back and were 5-2 up.


But all was well- Miles and Chris stepped up a gear and took the next 5 games and Gavin and I took the next six at a canter also. A 3.5 rubbers to 0.5 rubbers victory. Result.


Followed by a splendid quiz evening that raised a lot of money for the club as well as providing a lot of fun.


Just need the weather to improve and it might feel like summer.

Colston Ladies A versus Benson C

A quick report from today’s Ladies League match against Benson C…In the beautiful surroundings of Colston in the sunshine,  Ann and Tessa made a formidable first pair and easily took down Benson’s second 6-0, 6-1. Meanwhile Emily and Heidili were on the same form on the next court beating their opponents 6-0, 6-2.

Thanks to Ann and Tessa we had an abundance of sandwiches, the first round of which were hoovered up during the break before play was resumed. However, as the breeze picked up there was no time to relax – we didn’t want to lose focus before our job was done.

Emily and Heidili cleaned up the match quickly, winning 6-0, 6-1 with some brilliant net work. Whilst Ann and Tessa took a little longer to overcome Benson’s first pair who became stronger as the match went on, but still beating them 6-2, 6-2 using their lobbing skills to tire out the competition.

As always a delicious tea was provided which we enjoyed whilst reclining in the sun (a Pimms or two would have gone down well). Thank you Emma for being a fantastic captain and keeping us all in check. We are still unbeaten!!!