Colston Mens A v Virgin Active B Saturday Oct 11th

We have never lost at home to this Virgin  team and we have never won on their indoor courts either. This is still true- but alas our 100% home record has gone: We drew.

That is the headline- but the story is really about Edwardo- Chris Foreshew will remember him well from his previous club, North Oxford. When we last played him he was an incredibly talented teenager and Chris baited him and got him to lose concentration. But he is two year older now – hits the ball even better- and seems more robust- and we are not merciless as Mr Foreshew.

He and his partner quickly dealt with Paul and Dick (1 and 3) even though they were playing well- he just hit the ball so hard. He is in the county squad and is coaching at Virgin- can’t see what he is doing in their B team and their captain expects him to be taken for the A team soon.

Their 2nd pair were no mugs and Miles and I played well to take the 1st set 6-2- Using the wind and the sun to good effect (they are not used to either). Deep lobs required them to take the ball into the sun and they usually failed. They tried to be more aggressive in the second set which worked for them as we got to 5-5 before we took two on the trot to seal the win

Their 2nd pair carried on this improved form and  Dick and Paul struggled to pull away and so finished up needing a tiebreak which they took with ease 7-1. That saw spirits broken and they romped home 6-1 in the second  to secure the draw

Miles and I carried on playing well and pushed their first pair but it slipped away 3-6 but all were tight games. They raced to a 3-0 lead in the 2nd set and things were looking bleak before we managed to keep the ball away from Edwardo and he made a few errors trying to finish things- we got it back to 4-4 and had several game points for 5-4 but alas couldn’t capitalise and it finished 4-6.

A good performance- without Edwardo we would have won comfortably- but you have to admire talent.


Colston 2014 Adult Tennis Tournament Sunday 21st September

A stunning autumn day greeted the 2015 Adult tournament.

Alan Heath and Ann Cadogan arranged a superb event with an excellent turnout for all events.

With the day starting at 09:30 a few blurry eyed men began the singles event with some suffering from over indulgence the night before.

By 10 the Mixed and Doubles events had also begun and play continued non stop throughout the day until the conclusion of the final event just before 5pm.

Chris Hand fired up the BBQ (with some able assistants) and some much needed susitenence was provided in the form of hotdogs.

A fun day for all and, for the record, our 2015 Champions are:

Mens Singles: Miles Gibson

Mens Doubles: Chris Hand & Hamish Coull

Ladies Doubles: Emma Horner & Helen Daft

Mixed Doubles: Dick Colljns & Emma Horner



Colston 2014 Junior Tennis Tournament Saturday 20th September

Saturday 20th September saw a new junior tournament added to the annual Colston events list.

The 2015 Colston Tennis Club Junior Tennis Tournament saw our juniors competing across three categories – red ball, orange ball and green ball.

A strong turnout guaranteed some excellent tennis for all involved and,  following the culmination of three weeks of matches plus a final two hour session the winners were finally announced:

2015 Red Ball Champion: Oliver Sherratt



2015 Orange Ball Champion: Jamie Sherratt



2015 Green Ball Champion: William Daft


If you were like to find out more about our Junior Coaching sessions please contact Chris Hand:


07970 481707

Colston Mens A v Kingston Bagpuize, Sunday 7th September – PROMOTION SECURED

At the half way point of the match, despite Chris still suffering from food poisoning and Gavin rising up from his sick bed we were still within reach of securing the championship against what was undoubtedly the best team we have faced.

Their 1st pair had a combined age that was less than our youngest player and hit everything hard- great top spin forehands, huge serves and powerful volleys- their only weaknesses were on the backhand and the inconsistency of youth- e.g. one service game lost because of three double faults. Gavin (belying his claim of illness) served the best I’ve seen in years and hit beautiful backhand cross court drives as we stayed neck and neck to force a tiebreak. Despite Gavin starting with a double fault we stayed neck and neck in that too before taking it 7-5. Sets don’t get tighter and we haven’t played better. Alas they eliminated some of their unforced errors in the second set so we had to settle for a halved rubber.

Their 2nd pair consisted of their captain- a left hander who just didn’t miss a thing and was comfortably their best player, partnered with a relatively weak player. If he had played with the stronger of the young players they would have been invincible but the 2nd pair would then have been vulnerable- so brave call to split their forces but it worked as they got a half against Olly and Chris.

So one rubber all at half way- we just needed to win one of the remaining two to get a half and secure the title. Alas Gavin and I just couldn’t find a way to keep it away from their captain and prey on the weaker player and we also dropped our overall standard a little- Lost in straight sets.

Olly and Chris were 1 set all and so the third set would decide our fate. On reflection, given the youth and fitness of their pair I should have asked for a championship tiebreak, but a 3rdset did seem more fitting. Unfortunately they ran into a 5-1 lead before we clawed it back to 5-3. But then the dream ended.

And so we finish on 15 points and they have 13 with a final match on the 21st against Abingdon which should give them the title. Can’t see any way they can fail to win unless they lose a player on the morning of the match and only send one pair- We beat Abingdon 4-0. Still- stranger things have happened so we will wait and see.


Thanks for another great season guys and we still have the promotion we deserve.

Colston raises £1400 for Helen & Douglas House

Friday September 5th saw the sun shining and the third Colston Ladies Tournament in aid of Helen & Douglas House.

Club Secretary Ann Cadogan pulled together 48 ladies to play in this competitive, but fun, event commenting “It was a fab scene – 48 ladies playing, Red Arrows flying overhead – wonderful food and we hope about £1,400 raised for H&DH”

Congratulations to all that took part.

Colston Bears March On

The Colston Mens B Team – “The Bears” have once again been promoted and continue their march up the OLTA Wilson league.

Captain Dick Collins has pulled together a core squad of players, suffering only one loss all season and taking them up from Division 11 alongside Champions Woodstock C.

“Being a new team we had to start at the bottom of the pyramid (League 13) 2 years ago but see ourselves able to compete in much higher leagues and look forward to gaining further promotions in the future” commented Captain Collins.


Colston Curry & Quiz night Saturday 28th June – CAPTION COMPETITION

Colston hosted the second Curry & Quiz night on Saturday 28th June with top quiz master James Osborne setting the questions.

With nearly 50 attendees the tone was set for one of fierce competition and the lead changed hands throughout the night as jokers were played and the bar was emptied. The evening raised just shy of £550 for the club and the gauntlet has already Caption Contestbeen laid down by several of the teams for a rematch next year.

Thanks to all who gave up their time to help before and during the event.

And finally….for a little bit of fun……feel free to forward your captions…..

Colston Ladies v Bicester C, Saturday 14th June 2014

Our match against Biscester C started with a car journey of laughs. We drove through rain to get there but arrived in time to have a leisurely sandwich on the bowls club bench. All calm and organised. As we 4 started knocking up getting our eye in on the blue courts it became apparent the home team were not quite as calm and organised. They were missing a player. After twenty mins and after conversations about having to forfeit the first set they substituted their absent player.   Jane and I started our first set against mother (substitute) and daughter (13 yrs!) with mum wearing jeans and trainers…. Slightly off putting across the net but her very sliced serve was more off putting! We had a very disjointed set peppered with interruptions whilst the correct clothing was sourced but Jane and I kept our concentration. I had to remind myself as I served to the diminutive teenager that although she looked like a child some of her strokes were better than mine! So no sympathy….. Emma had given us a job to do! We had 2 sets of some fun tennis and won 6:2, 6:3.

Meanwhile Jules and Karen were valiantly battling the first pair. Karen was getting to all the balls, executing her now famous lob perfectly while Jules serve seemed to be making them think. However after a good fight the colston pair lost 3:6,2:6.

A quick regroup and we went back on court to play our next set. Jane and I had to mentally shift gear as the contrast between pairs was quite extreme. Our quiet calling of the score and acknowledgement of good shots was replaced with the new opposition calling out the score and berating her shots with ‘oh knickers’ in a very commanding tone. We increased our game and matched them point for point with long rallies and lots of scampering round court from all four of us. The score crept up to 6:6 and we then faced the tie break. I knew the rules for this but it seemed there was no need as we were directed kindly through the process. We narrowly lost this so the first set went to Biscester. Unfortunately I think this unbalanced us and our opponents came out stronger. They used their court knowledge well putting some excellent shots at acute angles which we found impossible to return due to the presence of the retaining wall. We played well and Jane’s consistent serve and volleying and my cross court rallying kept the score oscillating at deuce/advantage in many games. The final score didn’t reflect our efforts and ability at 6:7, 1:6.

Jane and I then had the pleasure of watching the final games on the court next door and saw some very fine shots from all 4 players. Karen and Jules won their sets 6:4, 6:2. So overall a draw.

We retired to the club house for a quick tea (including some amazing shortbread made by the eight year old brother of our teenage opponent…. Definitely a rival for our cake department! ) and an interesting discussion on ‘crucial conversation’ classes. We now know how to handle those delicate moments at work ladies!

A good effort from the Colston ladies on blue courts with interruptions and tenacious opposition.


Colston Juniors rated third in Oxfordshire league table

Oxfordshire LTA have recently released the latest table showing the number of regularly competing juniors in the county and, in the category “Small places to play”, Colston has been rated third behind Thame and Banbury tennis clubs.

The figures are based on the number of regularly competing juniors and, with 23 juniors in this category, Colston is rated higher than some of the biggest clubs in the County including all the clubs in Oxford.

If you are a junior looking for regular play and competition why not come along to one of our Saturday coaching sessions:

Mini Red ball 10:30 – 11:30

Mini Orange/Green 11:30- 12:30

To find out more contact Colston Coach Chris Hand on 07970 481707

Colston Ladies v David Lloyd, Saturday 24th May 2014

After much debate and looking at the weather forcast constantly this morning, we trusted the forcast that there was a window of dry weather from 1.00pm for a couple of hours.
The away team were still keen, so we went ahead……. even if Jules threatened to turn up in a boat and full wet weather gear.
The away team could only manage to put out 1 pair, so we were 2 rubbers up before we left the clubhouse. another reason for trusting the weather forcast!
As we all met at Colston, the rain had stopped and glimpes of blue sky were appearing as we warmed up.
Soon as the sun came out, we were wishing we hadn’t put on so many jumpers and maybe we should have brought skirts.
The David Lloyd players were very apologetic for only having the 1pair, but didn’t seemed phased and we soon realised that they were a very strong pair and we would have to work hard to secure a win and not make do with the draw. ( We couldn’t lose due to the 2 rubber head start.)
Tessa & I played first while Jules and Carol relaxed in the clubhouse.
David Lloyd started well and Tessa & I were chasing them all through the set although keeping in touch score wise. The wind was gusting, no change there at Colston and seemed to put them off their strokes and after some fantastic lobbing from Tessa we pulled back level 4-4.
We kept our heads just, more down to Tessa than me and moved 5-4 in front putting them under pressure. Unfortunately they couldn’t hold their nerve and after some really long rallies we won through to take the set 6-4 . This rattled them as they had been in front most of the set.
Tessa and I then had a slack couple of games and found ourselve 1-3 down. after a little chat with ourselves we managed to re focus and slowly pulled back to 2-4 and then 3-5. Again some mistakes crept in from the opposing team and some great rallies from Tessa at the base line and some strong serving from myself found us at 5-5. This had really upset them as they had been so far in front, so using our momentum we battled on and found ourselves 6-5 ahead. Hardly believing we were on the cusp of winning we took control of the last game with Tessa winning the final point with a superb lob, the best of the match so far and she had used this tactic to great effect all afternoon. So a fantastic feeling to come back to secure a 2 set win. So note to all, never give up…….
So after a very long wait we left Carol and Jules to their match and we had a well deserved sit down.
Our come back win of the second set had left the opposition a bit deflated so I hoped Carol and Jules could take advantage and a long final set hopefully tired them out.
After a long wait it took a while for Carol and Jules to settle and they lost the first set 1-6, although our viewing from a distance didn’t seem to reflect the scoreline.
The sun was still shining although black clouds loomed overhead. Colston got into their stride and were getting back some difficult shots from the opposition and mistakes from them started to appear. leaving space for Carol and Jules to fire down some fantastic winning shots. Really great tennis to watch.
Colston took the next set in a comfortable 6-3 scoreline and left the opposition rattled again. It was decided to play a full 3rd set as the rain began to descend, fortunately it was only a short shower and they continued to play through it in a very tight final set. Carol and Jules had a flying start of 2-0 up The oppositon’s experience kicked in to bring it back to 3-3, they were determined not to be beaten again and just managed to get the decisive break of serve and took the final set away from Colston 3-6. A another hard fought game and Jules and Carol were unlucky not to sneak the win.
So we took the win 3-1 overall, and full advantage of the head start provided by the other team, not always easy to do. So some great tennis against a very experienced opposition, well played to everyone today.
They enjoyed our tea and Jules’s spinach tart was a massive hit with calls of more please ringing round the clubhouse…….
Our luck of getting some rubbers by default must run out soon, but we have taken full advantage of it the last 2 weeks….. Let’s hope the next fixture is “normal” and stress free.