Colston Mens A v Mapledurham, Saturday June 25th 2016

Colston Mens A v Mapledurham, Saturday June 25th 2016


England completed the whitewash down under and the fab four repeated the feat at Colston.

Gavin and I started well against their first pair who had one very good player- we just kept it away from him as much as possible- he had a top spin backhand as good as any we’ve faced and moved fast but with good play we took the first set and were neck and neck in the second despite some erratic volleying from his lordship- the best of which saw him standing at the net as the ball gently arrived at waist height and not only did he miss the court with the volley he hit Chris on the adjoining court!!

Thankfully Gavin’s ground strokes were brilliant and after a “gentle” word from the captain he started volleying as well.

We took the rubber with a 7-5 second set.

Miles and Chris made short work of the 2nd pair and then it followed it up with a strong performance against the 1st to take the match.

Gavin and I stormed to the 1st set but then went to sleep a bit and found ourselves 3-1 down in the 2nd.. More stern words and we took the next 5 games

Finally we get the result that reflects our capability.

Onwards and upwards

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