Colston Mens A v Appleton A, Saturday June 4th 2016

Colston Mens A v Appleton A, Saturday June 4th 2016

Things did not begin well on Saturday as 5 mins into the warm up Miles screamed in agony as he chased a ball- It turns out he was not fully recovered.

We took a tactical decision to change the pairings and give him the young, fit Fyson to run for him.

As they beat a good 2nd pair 0 and 2 the plan seemed to be working. One half of this pair was stronger than the other and indeed was in the 1st pair when we previously played them. Meanwhile Chris and I were pushing a very good 1st pair hard, narrowly losing 4 and 4  but with each game lasting through several deuces- good prep for the 2nd pair in terms of us working out how to play together, less good in terms of energy reserves!

So at the half way point things were going pretty well given the enforced change.

Chris and I started well and although the weaker player in the 2nd pair was annoyingly starting to find form we still took the first set 6-3.  But we just seemed to run out of steam and lose a little of our edge- allowing them to take it 6-2. On the other court the story was the other way round- Miles and Henry losing the 1st and fighting back in the second.

So, as against KB in our first match, we entered deciding sets in both rubbers. And as against KB, despite stiff resistance, we lost both.

A disappointing end that masks some outstanding tennis by all players, but I think we just ran out of gas.

If we had known how strong their 1st pair were (One player in particular barely made a mistake all afternoon and attacked at every opportunity) we probably would have left the pairs as they were and settled for a draw- think both original pairs would have beaten the 2nd pair, but hindsight is a wonderful thing J.

So with  1 point from 3 matches the priority is to secure a couple of wins to alleviate the pressure of being in the relegation zone. We’ve had our chances to win all three matches but just fallen short- Next time………..

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