Colston Mens A v Kingston Bagpuize Saturday August 22nd 2015

Colston Mens A v Kingston Bagpuize Saturday August 22nd 2015

And so the summer season ends.

We had been promised thunderstorms but they didn’t materialise either climatically or on the court. Instead we played out the final game in 28C and bright sunshine with Mr Gibson struggling to keep going through the heat induced fatigue.

Miles and I started against the 2nd pair which consisted of a father and son pairing and it was soon clear that the 13 year old was a very good player already- If we play him in 3 years time we could be in trouble. His father was the weaker of the two and despite not being at our best, by concentrating our fire on him and avoiding the son we were always in control of the rubber despite only winning it 6-4, 6-4.

Gavin and Paul were locked in a close tussle with their 1st pair but they lost despite playing some very good tennis at times. Paul’s verdict- each of us played well- just never at the same time J. Hence we won several games without being able to put together the necessary number in a row to bring home a set.

So one rubber each at the half way point and all to play for.

Their 1st pair were also a bit of a mismatch in terms of ability with their captain (unlike ours!! Thought I’d make the joke before anyone else did!!) being very good and his partner less so. So Miles and I deployed the same strategy as the first rubber to race to a 6-1 victory in the first set. In the second their  captain decided to go for everything and be really aggressive and Miles and I relaxed a little and before we knew what was happening we were 3-0 down and even Miles’ serve couldn’t get us back into it. We lost it 6-0- Felt a bit like the ashes series.

So we regrouped, were more positive, and made it even harder for their captain to get involved. We raced to a 5-1 lead before again relaxing too soon and letting them win 3 on the trot.  But, summoning every reserve, Miles served us into a 40-0 lead and despite losing one match point took the 2nd and hence secured the half- unfortunately Paul and Gavin, despite again playing some brilliant shots (One backhand of Gavin’s in particular was sublime and left them in stunned silence) had lost to their 2nd pair.

So we finish with 3 wins, I draw and 2 losses- A total of 10 points which will leave us in 3rd or 4th slot depending on other results. If only one of the losses had been a draw we would probably be going up- annoying as Oxford City who we beat will now go up, possibly even as champions!

But as always it was fun, we played some good tennis, buried some opponent who have troubled us before, a few crucial sets slipped away, and we finished in the top half despite having been promoted the previous season.

Bring on the winter season- when hopefully Mr Foreshew will be recovered, Olly will manage more than two matches, Paul will continue his new found availability (Played 50% of the summer matches- unheard of), Miles’ country fairs/markets won’t clash with fixtures, Gavin won’t spend too much time shooting at  p(h)easants and with two matches each from the bears we can always put out a strong team!!


Dream on…………

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