Colston Ladies v Benson - Last Match of the 2015 Summer Season!

Colston Ladies v Benson – Last Match of the 2015 Summer Season!

We played the last match of the summer league in probably the hottest day of the summer…..

After struggling to get players for this fixture Rosie the 12 year old super sub stepped in and I strapped up my dodgy knee and hoped for the best. Carol and Helen the other 2 fighting fit players in the team.

After an hours drive we found the club at Benson relatively easily and started to warm up while the other Benson players arrived. Although with the heat today we didn’t need much warming up!

Helen & I started against their 2nd pair and cruised the first set 6-0, although the second set didn’t quite go so smoothly….. we found ourselves 2-3 down and having to work hard to stay with them. The Benson pair were making less mistakes and one of the ladies was perfecting a high defensive lob landing on the baseline with an extremely high bounce and short run back area making it an impossible ball to get as you ran into the back netting especially for us vertically challenged players! It also cut out the net player, so a bit of frustration had set in.

We dug in although it wasn’t always pretty tennis getting the job done and pulled back to 4-4. Keeping the ball low to avoid the high baseline bouncing ball we managed to pull ahead for the first time to 5-4. Determined not to let the lead go after working so hard to get in front we finally took the final set 6-4, relieved and beginning to feel the heat headed to their clubhouse to replenish water bottles and try to cool down a little.

Meanwhile Carol and Rosie were up against their first pair and seemed to be having some long rallies, so it was difficult to know how they were doing from our court. The Colston pair were both volleying well at the net and placing balls deep behind the net player on the baseline for winners. Carol & Rosie had taken the first set 6-3, with plenty of re- assurance and direction from Carol, Rosie was playing well and they were working well as a team, whipping through the second set 6-1. I think taking them both by surprise as the Benson pair were quite hard hitting and strong at the net if they got the chance.

So first round of matches and Colston were 2 rubbers up…..

After a little rest and slight cool down we started the 2nd round of matches.

Helen and I started strongly against their 1st pair who were fairly strong , but they were inconsistent and lacked of bit of team work which worked to our advantage and we took the first set 6-1. Aware that in the last match we struggled to find the same form in the second set we continued to attack, even though the heat was beginning to sap the energy from us. We held form this time and took the second set 6-0 and glad that we could head out of the heat and have a sit down!! I think that Carol and Rosie had knocked the confidence of the first pair by beating them so easily in the first round of matches which worked in our favour.

Carol and Rosie were however in for the long haul.

With long rallies and the devilish high bouncing defensive baseline lob in full working order for the Benson pair our pair had their work cut out.

Colston battled on and still made lots of winners to take the first set a very long 7-5. The second set was just as tight as the temperature soared and Colston this time lost the set 3-6. A tie breaker would decide the match…. It was going to be tight. Helen and I tried to watch from a discreet distance so not to put them off, but as their energy levels were dipping rapidly they were unlucky to lose the tie break 7-10.

We had still won overall 3-1 in rubbers a great way to finish the season on a high.

Carol and Rosie were so close to taking that last match that it was nearly the perfect ending to the season and I would like to thank Carol for being so supportive and positive throughout both matches today which definitely brought out Rosie’s best tennis and they had great teamwork and communication which is essential for doubles play.

 For the other ladies who played today a little reassurance that even Rosie was shattered tonight and headed to bed early without being asked, she may  have more sympathy now when I get home tired after playing a long match!!!

 I think we will have finished mid table overall, which is a good solid finish for this season. I will let you now the final position once the last round of matches have been updated.

The next ladies social tennis night will be Monday 15th September, 7.30pm at Colston, please bring anyone else you may have been playing with over the summer who isn’t on my current email list as the more the merrier and any teenagers lurking in the background .

 Enjoy the last couple of weeks of the summer and catch up with you all soon.




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