Colston Mens A v Wantage B, Saturday June 20th 2015

Colston Mens A v Wantage B, Saturday June 20th 2015

The tea was magnificent. Chris and Kelly providing a wonderful range of freshly made rolls, quiches and pork pies. And then in a novelty for the men’s A team two homemade cakes courtesy of Jane Stevens (Chocolate) and Paul’s mum (Victoria sandwich). Sure the ladies team rise to these heights but this was a first for the men (Albeit provided by 3 women!!!)

Oh yes- the tennis.

Well let’s just say the tea was a lot more enjoyable and of a far higher standard. Gavin and I had one purple patch where we won  7 games on the trot against the 1st pair dropping only 3 points- we attacked making passing shots and killing volleys. Bizarre that we only managed 7 other games in the rest of the afternoon. So we halved against the first pair and lost to the second. Other than that brief period of excellence we lacked consistency and the ability to kill the point against the best defenders in the division.

Similar story for Chris and Paul- just not consistent enough to bring home a set despite occasional brilliance and more worryingly Chris was struggling with his heel and it looks like it will take a while to recover.

So we lost 0.5 rubbers to 3.5 and Wantage will now march on to promotion (For sure) and the title (Probably)

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