Colston Mens A v Thame B, Saturday 14th June 2015

Colston Mens A v Thame B, Saturday 14th June 2015

A fiercely fought afternoon of good tennis against a very good team who were demoted last season. If these guys were the worst in division 4 then promotion to that division (should it come) will give us no soft matches.

I decided to make Lord Stevens and myself the first pair and we started very badly- losing 4 games on the trot to a very solid and consistent 2nd pair before working out that we couldn’t win it by playing safe. We needed to attack, serve volley and get to the net whenever possible, we won a game and then lost another for 5-1 but from that point on we won the rubber convincingly 11 games to 7- but that still meant we finished with a tie break in each set. We lost the first 8-6 but won the second 7-4 (and it shouldn’t have gotten that far- confident we would have won a 3rd set if there’d been one!!). After 2hrs they were pretty exhausted and we had nicely softened them up for Chris and Paul (Now gelling as a partnership) to take them 6-2, 6-2.

If only Gavin and I had played well from the start this should have brought us a draw but 1.5 rubbers to 0.5 against the 2nd pair opened the door for their 1st pair to win the match.

And their 1st pair was very impressive- Chris commenting that one player was invincible- and they had beaten Chris and Paul before Gavin and I had even finished the first set against the 2nd pair. They began strongly against us also but we matched them before losing 6-4. The second set also felt close but the score line tells a different story as we lost 6-2 and with it the match. We could at least enjoy watching the last 5 minutes of Paul and Chris finishing off their opponents.

If only Gavin and I had managed a couple more points in that first tiebreak- or better still not given them a 5-1 head start- we would have a draw and a point!

And so on to next Saturday- back at home- same team- and a must win match against Wantage B.

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