Colston Ladies v Kingston Bagpuize, Sunday March 1st 2015

Colston Ladies v Kingston Bagpuize, Sunday March 1st 2015

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, but the forecast spoke of heavy rain inbound; so it was with some pessimism that we set off to Kingston Bagpuize. Would we be able to get the match played in time or have the frustration of having to postpone halfway through?
Despite the urgency and the fact that it is one of our closest away matches,  we took the scenic route….. much to Ann’s (the world’s worst backseat driver) annoyance!

(Finally) arriving we checked out the loos, admired the plant pots (the two aren’t related) and had a quick knock up. Emily and Karen took on Kingston’s first pair and promptly lost the first set. However, heads didn’t go down and they played brilliantly in the second set, with some fantastic serves from Emily and amazing volleys from Karen, to take the set in a tie break.
Meanwhile, Ann and I were also taking our time to get into the match on the other court, with a combination of some frustrating ‘soft’ shots from the opponents and a roaring cross wind, we found it difficult to keep the ball in court. (Ok Ok, Ann played brilliantly and I was finding it difficult) Luckily, we improved and won 6:3 6:2.

After a quick break, while Emily and Karen finished their epic second set, we swapped around and played the other pair. By this time we were well and truly in our stride and with some great drop shots, angles and slice from Ann, and decent serves and some running (take note Emma) from me, we won 6:2 6:2.

Emily and Karen continued to play brilliantly on their court. Their opponents were getting everything back and some long rallies ensued. Karen’s tenacity at the net with some great angled volleys and Emily’s ground strokes and powerful serves won through and they took the match 6:1 & 7:5.

The dark clouds had been gathering as the afternoon wore on, but we timed it to perfection; retiring victorious to the club house for a delicious tea just as the heavens opened. A lovely afternoon’s tennis with some very nice ladies and a tea, almost, but not quite, on par with our own.


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