Colston Mens A v Abingdon C, Saturday 28th February 2015

Colston Mens A v Abingdon C, Saturday 28th February 2015

And so the season ends for Colson A.

Gibson and Tridgell were like Ireland- we just did everything better than our opposition. We had a momentary lapse against the 2nd pair where after establishing a 4-0 lead we let them get back to 4-3 but we then took the next 8 games and they looked pretty sad at the doughnut in the second set.- Almost as sad as England.

Unfortunately Paul and Olly were both rusty (Boys you have to spend more time on a court!!) and lost 1 and 2 to the first pair. The verdict of the chairman- Dire.

Gibson and Tridgell put the first pair way comfortably enough (2 and 2) and are now starting to anticipate each other and look like a pretty good pairingĀ J

But now Paul and Olly, were starting to look like Italy and find a spark- they lost the first set 5-7 but were 2-2 in the second- could they stir themselves and find that killer blow to seal the victory? They lost the next game to go 2-3 down before taking 4 on the trot!

So 5-3 to the good guys and at least Miles has something to cheer about this weekend.

We finish the season with 4 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses. Not bad against some good opposition.

Thanks for another enjoyable season and lookingĀ  forward to playing with the sun on our backs.


Gareth Tridgell

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